Rowes Bakery – Food Photography

February 9, 2021
in Food Photography
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In these unprecedented times it pays to think outside the box. Rowes Bakery have taken the box theme and put their pasties in them and they’re sending them to customers via their online sales service.

I was invited to shoot their range of products recently as previously they had been using pictures they had taken on their phones.

Thanks to Emily from who provided the props and styled the shoot.

At their peak, Rowes make approximately 250,000 hand-crimped pasties per week. All ingredients are sourced locally where possible, potatoes are delivered every day by tractor, straight from the farm!

Deliveries are going everywhere in the UK between Glasgow and Penzance.

I’m happy to say that sales have increased since the new images were put online and I’m reliably told that feedback from customers has been brilliant!

Who knew that you could get your pasties by post?

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