Photoshoot at the Hideaway

I was commissioned by Cornwall Architect Ben White to photograph a 1950’s concrete block and crinkly tin barn; unused and ‘unloved’ – this had been left to rot for many years. Now lovingly converted into a two-bedroom luxurious countryside retreat. Nestled within a hollow in the edge of a field – hardly noticeable from anywhere this has become a true place to hide from it all and enjoy life with the only distraction being nature on your doorstep.

Architecture, interiors and landscape interwoven with a contemporary but sympathetic style resulting in a place that – well – just fits!

I didn’t have the best weather on the day I was booked to shoot ‘Hideaway’ but there was no alternative as guests were due in soon and the weather forecast was not promising. However, I think that the soft even light and rain that set in for the last half of the shoot actually gave me a beautifully saturated colour palette especially in the evening shots.

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